langley iddins
information design
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This website is in its infancy. Over the coming weeks more images of design work will be added.
some book titles of which page layout and covers were designed by Langley Iddins

Modern Scribes and Lettering Artists
William Morris as Designer
Treasures of Islam
Chinese Ceramics in the Topkapi Saray Museum (Vols I - III)
Journey Through Asia
Chinese Ceramics in the Baur Collection Vols I -II
The Art of the Japanese Book (Vols I & II)
The James A de Rothschild Bequest at Waddesdon Manor: Architecture and Panelling
The James A de Rothschild Bequest at Waddesdon Manor: Drawings
RHS Plant guides
RIBA Drawings Series
The Palladians
The Great Perspectivists
Architects of the Arts and Crafts Movement
William De Morgan Tiles
The National Art Collections Fund Annual
Don McCullin: Perspectives
South Africa in Back and White
Art or Nature (Barbican Art Gallery Exhibition Catalogue)
Michael Birt: Framed
The Contained Garden
World Advertising Review
Qin Terracotta Army: Treasures of Lintong
Porcelain for Palaces (British Museum Exhibition Catalogue)
Scar Strangled Banger
The Black Strat
Ships and Seascapes